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Weekly or Monthly Sponsorship packages available on the New 107.5 WGPR with EARS Financial - Safe Money Radio Show and Host: Al Hall

Rather Than A :30 or :60 Second Recorded Message

Your message will be heard live, LOUD, CLEAR and Effectively with Al Hall (Easy Al) on his Saturday morning show from 11:00 til 11:30 a.m. on the NEW 107.5 WGPR. With this opportunity, create awareness and take advantage of thousands of Metro Detroiters each week.

Here's What You Get:

* One(1)Intro Sponsorship Announcement

* One (1) mid program Sponsorship Announcement

* One (1) 2 mins Live announcements to promote your message or Business

* One (1) Close Sponsorship Announcement

Total Mentions: 3X Total investment:

  • Weekly - $200  (4 Show minimum) (Regularly - $225) 
  • Monthly - $750 (Regularly - $900)

Reserve your spot today using PayPal, or contact EARS Financial Services (313) 877-8330. Ask for Marlene Burdette, Program Coordinator.

***Prices Good thru Dec 31, 2010

Thank you for being a Weekly sponsor on the Easy Al Radio Show

Thank you for being a Monthly sponsor on the Easy Al Radio Show


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