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Yes, times are bad! But not beyond hope. We can change Detroit by changing ourselves. When we change our lives, we can then change others, when we change others, we can change a community, and when we change a community, we can change our city! We can save ourselves, our children and our city by building an ARK! We say God is the answer, and God is LOVE. The way to spread GOD' is to spread LOVE! Let's spread LOVE by doing Acts of Ramdom Kindness! Building an ARK!
My challenge to us: Practice one Act of Random Kindness weekly!  Where LOVE abides, hate, violence, and fear has to flee! Remember this song,? " Love is what we came here for, Love is the opening door, no one can offer you more"...! Let's spread LOVE!

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Easy Al would like to recognize the following individuals for their
Acts of Random Kindness

May, 2010
Mr R Bell


EARS Financial Showplace

and Personal Achievement Center

Home of Making it to the Finish Line

2140 Holbrook

Hamtramck, MI 48212