Detroit Urban Ballroom Dance is a smooth, elegant, graceful dance performed by two partners; male and female. It starts in a closed hold position, then through the male's leadership evolves into a series of moves consisting of spins, turns, dips and half turns, smoothly choreographed to the beat of urban music, jazz, R&B and soul.

"In the 11 years I've taught ballroom dancing, I've seen couples on the verge of divorce, reconcile and re-kindle the flames of their love and passion through ballroom dancing," says Al Hall.

For Details and registration, call 1-888-321-3277 or 313-550-5594 and speak to Easy Al.

First class complimentary
Two 8-week sessions of ballroom instruction
Set of Easy Al Instructional DVDs (class moves will follow moves on DVDs)
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GUI-DANCE (Girl U & I Dance) Ballroom Class

Engaged Couples ~ Prepare for your 1st Dance
Couples ~ increase the frequency of romantic evenings through ballroom dancing!
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