Business Opportunity
Create Your Own .com! Get paid while you sleep when you, your family and friends shop online!

Open your own personal online shopping mall. This allows you to do your personal shopping at tremendous discounts and get paid a commission for your purchases! Rather than the clerks or sales people in stores like, Target, Marshalls, and Wal-mart getting paid for your purchases, you get the commission! This further reduces your cost! You can refer people to your site to shop, and you get paid a commission on everything they buy as well!

There are over 700 stores to shop online. To name a few: Best Buy, Walmart,, Kohls, Barnes and Nobel, Marcys, Old Navy, Sears, cards, flowers, gifts and more...

You can even have your own travel store, book your travel, book travel for your family and friends or have them book their travel from your own personal website.

Additional business opportunity: You can recruit people to do the same as you; open up their personal shoppng mall and you get paid for everything anyone purchases through their site and the sites of all the people they recruit!!! To enjoy the benefits of this opportunity, you have to become an Associate Broker. The Broker fee is $49.95 per month. You may do this today or at anytime going forward. For more information, call (313) 877-8330 or (313) 550-5594.

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